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I specialize in helping young professionals, entrepreneurs, and members of the LGBTQ+ community make sense of their finances, build wealth for the future, and grow thriving businesses. Together, we make your money work towards building a joyful, abundant, and giving life.

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How I got here

By now, you may have guessed that I'm a huge money nerd. A lot of people ask me if I've always been like this, and my answer is a resounding NO! On the contrary, I have a B.A. in International Studies (Liberal Arts degrees, unite!), taught Theatre in an inner city charter school, and have always preferred poetry to math.

Through life's weird twists and turns, however, I found myself in a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program studying finance, and I ended up LOVING it!

Cut to a couple years later and I'm a big hit at parties, showing off my color-coded spreadsheets, teaching my friends about credit scores, and trying to convince folks that investing is not as scary as it sounds. Becoming a financial advisor and coach was a logical next step.

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My Philosophy

This journey has taught me two crucial things: 1. Until we're taught something, we can't possibly be expected to be good at it; and 2. WHO teaches us can often be just as important as what we're learning.

Young people don’t need their parents’ advisor, or some other old white man in a suit peddling products. They need financial advice from someone who is approachable, knowledgeable, and not going to talk down to them. My goal is to be that someone.

All that to say: if you're ready to get good with money, I'm ready to help!

maybe you saw me here?

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fun facts about me

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I'm obsessed with bears.
They're my favorite animal, so much so that I have a big tattoo of a bear on my left arm, my license plate says BEAR, and I have lots of bear decor around my room.

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I love to travel.
I was an International Studies major in college, and used to speak 5 languages. I've been to every continent except for Africa and Antartica, and you best believe I'll see those too before I die!

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I am proud to be LGBTQ+!
I identify as queer and bisexual, and while I most frequently use she/her pronouns out of habit, I'm actually comfortable with they/them and even he/him from time to time as well.

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