Your Investment Portfolio is Diverse, Shouldn’t Your Favorite Finance Blogs Be Too?

blog instagram personal finance blogs Dec 08, 2021

Daniel here! Honesty time, Team: Part of why I stayed away from Talking ‘Bout Money for so long was because I didn’t want to learn from an old, white cis dude what I was doing "wrong" with my queer artist life.

And good news! You don’t have to do that either! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best personal finance experts and bloggers out there, so that hopefully you can find someone who speaks a little more directly to your experience and story. Fire up IG and get to following:

BIPOC Folks 

Make Real Cents, Carmen Perez

Money Smart Latina, Athena Valentine

Immigrant Finance, Adina Applebaum

Popcorn Finance, Chris Browning

Digital Nomad Quest, Sharon Tseung

 The Frugal Feminista, Kara Stevens

LGBTQ+ Folks

I Like to Dabble, Daniella Flores

Women's Personal Finance, Angela and Regina

Ride Free Fearless Money, Hadassah Damien

Differently Abled

Our_nextlife, Tanja Hester

Mom Autism Money, Joyce and Brynne

Indigenous Peoples/First Nations

Decolonizing Wealth, Edgar Villanueva

Did we miss your favorite blogger? Hit us up to let us know! 

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