It’s time to start kicking ass at managing your money

Holistic financial planning and coaching for young professionals and LGBTQ+ folks ready to make sense of their finances and build wealth for the future.

LGBT+ Financial Advisors

You’ve got badass financial goals. So why’s money stress still holding you back?

We get it. Making financial decisions can feel overwhelming. You’ve got big dreams on the brain, but maybe you feel trapped by emotional barriers like guilt and shame. Or you simply have no idea where to start.

That’s where we come in.

From education to accountability, bookkeeping to fee-only financial planning, we’ve got your back and we’re pumped to help you take control of your finances!

Maybe you’ve seen us here?

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Reaching your financial goals starts here

We offer financial planning for business owners, young professionals, and queer folks in every sense. We understand the money challenges that can come up whether you’re LGBTQ+, polyamorous, non-binary, or otherwise under-represented in this space. And we’re here for YOU.

Which of these do you need support with?


for busy
service providers &

Small business coaching and bookkeeping services to help you build a thriving, profitable business

Permission to Dream:
Personalized Retirement Strategy

for DIYers who want to optimize their path to retirement

Expert retirement planning to give you confidence you’re building toward the future you want

Thrive With Money:
6-Month Coaching Program

for folks who are ready to STOP defining themselves as “bad with money”

A program that meets you where you are, helps you ditch shame and overwhelm, and finally get good with money

Ultimate Abundance Overhaul: Comprehensive Financial Plan

for anyone craving a holistic approach to balance multiple financial goals

Our most comprehensive program sets you up with a sturdy yet adaptable financial plan to weather all of life’s curveballs

Hey, we’re the Young & Scrappy team!

We’re not your typical fiNancial advisors

You can probably tell that at Young & Scrappy, we do things a wee bit differently. As such, here’s our promise to you:

  • We’re anti-capitalist financial planners who put your best interests first.
  • We don’t sell you shit you don’t need.
  • We meet you where you’re at and respect your journey.
  • As LGBTQ+ (Michelle!) and BIPOC (Oriana!) money nerds, we serve all genders, all relationship styles, all races, all humans with love and open-mindedness.
Meet your new money BFFs
Holistic Financial Planner

What’s it like to work with us?

Scope out the services

Read more about our programs and services and decide which works best for you. Whether you’re looking for LGBT wealth management, bookkeeping, financial coaching, or retirement planning, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

Take the next step

Each service page gives you options for next steps. If you already know you want to book a service, you can head straight to checkout, and jumpstart our work together! If you have a question, you’re welcome to book a call with us first.

Get started!

After you’ve signed up, we bring you through a simple onboarding process and start working toward your financial goals together! You’re supported from start to finish, and we’ll make sure you’re set up for success at the end of your program.

anti-capitalist financial planners

Ready to Feel Good About Your Money?

No matter where you are now, you can take control of your finances — and kick ass at managing your money. Find the service you need and let us help you nail your personal financial planning goals.


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