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Business bookkeeping services for busy entrepreneurs

Get clear on your numbers, make tax time a breeze, and show up as the confident business owner you’re meant to be. With bookkeeping services that help you do more of what you love… while we handle the stuff you dread.

Your biz deserves better. And you deserve your time back.

It can feel like you have to become a total pro at doing your own books, prepping for tax time, managing payroll, and building your business budget to finally be a Good Business Owner.

But there are only so many hours in the day. And deep down, you know they’re best spent… on what you’re best at.

So, why not dedicate your time to the stuff that helps you make money: your expertise, the awesome services you offer, and the hobbies, rest, and quality time you need to recharge your batteries…

…and let expert bookkeepers scratch dealing with money off your to-do list entirely?

Our clients say this service rocks if you’re:

  • Tired of not knowing how much money your biz is actually making ...

  •  Pumped about the work you do… but keeping your numbers straight stresses you out ...

  • Feeling stretched too thin, burnt out, and too busy to get help with all the work on your plate ...

  • Ready to have a clearer grasp of your business expenses ...

  • Noticing your business disorganization is making personal budgeting hard

  • Ready to stop shaming yourself for being “bad at running a business” ... and start owning your role as the badass business owner you are ...

Any of that ^ resonate? Allow us to introduce our ...

Business Bookkeeping Services

Done-for-you Quickbooks maintenance, data reports, tax prep, and more for busy entrepreneurs and service pros ready to grow a thriving, sustainable business.

Starting at $300/month


Here’s everything you get:

Help with Quickbooks setup

If you’re new to QB, we help you create your account, link all banks and accounts, and pull in data to set your books up for success.

Done-for-you financials

Get monthly Profit & Loss and Balance sheet statements delivered right to you. We can also provide any ad hoc custom data reports you might need.

Headache-free tax time

We gather all the docs you need for taxes. So instead of scrambling through tax time, it just feels… simple!

 Cleanup and clarity on your numbers

Already with QB? Cool! We’ll get your chart of accounts clean and organized. Plus, we make sure your books reflect the data you need to make better, more confident business decisions!

 Optional coaching support

Most of our bookkeeping clients add financial coaching on a quarterly or monthly basis. Some things we can cover in these sessions include:

  • Deep-dive reviews of your numbers
  • Financial goal-setting for your business
  • Troubleshooting business issues
  • Support with your business and/or personal budget
  • Strategizing about your services, marketing, and more!

 Additional support for anything that comes up

When it comes to financial planning for business owners, it can feel like there’s always a new problem to solve. We’re not afraid to get in the weeds with you and support unique situations like:

  • Revamping accounting structures
  • Managing payroll needs
    Implementing new systems like Profit First
  • Switching banks
  • Opening business retirement accounts
  • Expanding locations

 Judgment-free approach to your business finances

We’re here to support queer small business owners and anyone else looking for a financial approach based on acceptance and alignment with your values.

“But I don’t have time to onboard a bookkeeper.” We hear you!

Here’s the simple process we’ve already mapped out for you:


1. Book us right now or schedule a call

If you know you want our business bookkeeping services, you’ll see a button to head straight to checkout and get up and running with us right away.

Have questions first? You also have the option to set up a consult to help you determine the best next step for your business.

2. Stress-free digital onboarding

Once you’re signed up, we’ll guide you through a quick digital onboarding process.

We collect all the info we need to take over your bookkeeping and start supporting you from there!

3. Monthly statements and ongoing support

You’ve officially offloaded your books onto our plate! Breathe a sigh of relief knowing we’ve got you from here.

You’ll receive your Profit & Loss and Balance sheet statements each month. We’ll have your back at tax time. And we’re always available to discuss any sticky financial stuff that comes up along the way.

Sound like the money stress relief you’re looking for?

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“What will this cost me?”

You Get:

✔️Help with Quickbooks setup
✔️Cleanup and clarity on your numbers
✔️Month-to-month Quickbooks maintenance
✔️Done-for-you monthly financial statements
✔️ Headache-free tax time
✔️ Accepting, judgment-free approach to your business finances
✔️ Access to additional support as needed
✔️ Peace of mind that the financial state of your biz is healthy and organized!

Services start at $300/month

(Pricing depends on business size and complexity. You’re free to give 30 days’ notice and cancel anytime!)

“What if I want financial coaching, too?”

You can add financial coaching to your bookkeeping service on a quarterly or monthly basis. 

Some topics we can cover in these sessions include:

✔️ Deep-dive reviews of your numbers
✔️ Financial goal-setting for your business
✔️ Troubleshooting business issues
✔️ Support with your business and/or personal budget
✔️ Strategizing about your services, marketing, and more

On top of your monthly bookkeeping payment, financial coaching will cost:

Quarterly: +$100/month


Monthly: +$250/month

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