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Ready to stop fretting over your future, and finally know for sure that you’re on track for the retirement you want — at the age you want it to happen?! Get our support to plan for the exciting future you deserve.

Retirement anxiety sucks, right?

If you’re like so many folks we chat with about financial planning for retirement, you’ve tried to do the smart thing. Diving into the depths of the internet. Researching the heck out of your own personal finance stuff. Coming up with a general idea for retirement… that you might even feel pretty good about.

Yet those dang thoughts still creep in, right as your head hits the pillow, like…

“How do I know I’m actually doing this right?”

You may be kicking ass at things like budgeting and debt repayment. You don’t need a financial planner to get in the weeds with you there.


What if you could have a Certified Financial Planner™ come in, JUST to listen to your retirement goals, offer specific advice to accelerate your progress, and assure you once and for all that you’re on track for the future you want?

That’s exactly what the program on this page is all about.

So if you’re . . .

  • A DIYer who’s in good financial shape... and you just want a second opinion on your investment portfolios ...

  • A moneye nerd who envisions your retired self sipping mocktails by the pool in Bali ...  and you’d love an expert to confirm you’re on track for that ... 

  • Anyone ready to stop feeling overwhelmed about retirement, and confused about which advice applies to your specific situation...

  • A professional who’s been proactive about budgeting, but you want peace of mind that you’re doing the right things to retire when you want...

  • An individual (or couple!) who’s interested in recommendations for specific accounts, platforms, and investments so you can accelerate your path to retirement...

We can make it all happen with the . . .

Permission to Dream: Personalized Retirement Strategy

Personalized, expert support, and a clear action plan to stop the retirement scaries, optimize your progress, and help you confidently move toward the future you want.

YES, I’m ready to feel confident about retirement

Here’s everything you get:

Two 60-minute consultation sessions

Spill alllll your retirement thoughts, goals, or worries to an expert. We’re here to listen and give advice based on your ideal retirement scenario. (Bonus: it’s rare to dig into these retirement conversations when we’re so focused on the day-to-day!)

Detailed investment advice based on the retirement age and lifestyle you want

Specific actions, and clear guidance on how to implement them. We can provide suggestions from the platforms to use, which accounts to open, specific investments to choose, and how much to put in on an ongoing basis.

Your preferences, honored

Love your current investment provider? Works for us. We’ll tailor our advice to that platform. Open to new recommendations? Cool! We’ll talk through your needs and goals, and recommend where your investments should live from there.

In-depth review of your 401ks

We do a deep dive into options in your retirement account to find the best path to meet your goals — and save as much on ongoing fees as possible.

Tips to accelerate your progress

From finding the best ways to combine old accounts without taxes or penalties, to optimizing your approach to filing social security, we’ll make pivoting to your new retirement plan as simple as possible.

Personalized retirement recommendations + Financial Action Summary checklist

Once we come up with your personalized retirement plan, we’ll have a final consultation to debrief and answer all your questions. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive summary doc and the exact steps to put your plan into motion.

BONUS: 30 days of post-planning support

You may need a little time to process your new retirement plan. Totally okay! It’s why we offer 30 days of phone and email support after you get the final draft of your plan.

Certified financial planner

Hey, I’m Michelle!

Your retirement planner


After several years as a Certified Financial Planner™, helping folks from all walks of life build plans and relationships with money that work better for them...

... I realized there are a lot of people out there who don’t need the *full-shebang* financial plan mapped out for them. They just want support with retirement planning in particular.

So, that’s why I created the Permission to Dream: Personalized Retirement Strategy service!

Here’s how it works

Map your retirement plan in 4 simple steps

1. Kick off the process with your initial 60-minute “Permission to Dream” session

We dig into your IDEAL retirement lifestyle, chat out the details, and start forming the plan to get you there.

2. Kick back while I deep-dive into your plan

Give me 4-6 weeks to complete your plan. No stone goes unturned as I come up with a tailored plan to meet your goals and accelerate your progress toward retirement.

3. Wrap up with a 60-minute Debrief session

We’ll spend an hour chatting one on one about your plan, and you’ll walk away with the detailed, personalized recommendations + Financial Action Summary checklist to put everything into action.

4. Take confident steps toward retirement!

You get highly specific advice, so you can take this info and DIY your investments from Day 1. But you’ll have 30 days of emails and phone support from us if you need guidance along the way.

Retirement Planning Tips for LGBT+ Couples

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You Get:

✔️2 one-hour consultation sessions
✔️Detailed investment advice based on your goal retirement age, lifestyle, and preferences
✔️In-depth review of your 401ks
✔️Tips to accelerate your progress
✔️Full PDF of personalized recommendations + Financial Action Summary checklist
✔️BONUS: 30 days of post-planning support

Total price for individuals:


Total price for couples:

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